Working abroad in Australia? You may need an RSA.

What is an RSA and who needs one?
An RSA is a basic qualification that you need to be able to serve or work with alcohol. It is an advisable qualification for any position that involves interaction with the public or with service, and it is indispensable to any hospitality or restaurant job. Without an RSA, you cannot work in a job that involves working around alcohol. Every different state has different has different requirements in this area, some more tough than others. Whatever the case, there are certain jobs that are out of reach if you don’t have an RSA.
It is an easy certificate to get, and is obtainable from providers like CHT Melbourne. Having an RSA will look good on your CV, and will make you very employable. I had a friend at uni who managed to get a really enviable job in an art gallery when she graduated, and when I asked her how she did it she said that the only thing that had set her CV apart was the fact that she had trained for an RSA the previous summer to be able to work at the surf club. Apparently her new boss had thought it would be useful to have her serving drinks at openings, so he took her on as an assistant. Having a hospitality job can also be a really useful ‘in-between’ job to have on graduating, for that (quite enjoyable!) time straight after finishing study and before you get a ‘real’ job. Lots of people use this time to go travelling, and bar work is a very useful thing to do while working overseas, so is teaching English.

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