What Is HOGE Finance? All You Need To Know About HOGE Finance

What is HOGE finance?

HOGE Finance is the original community-driven DeFi project that rewards you for holding. NFTs & Merch. Exclusive HOGE NFT Collections & Merch. WE MEME BUSINESS.

Also, Hoge finance is a “deflationary cryptocurrency and ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It utilizes smart contracts to incorporate special “tokenomics” into every transaction, including a 2% distribution to holders and a 2% coin burn on every transaction”.

“The redistribution per transaction means that 2% of every single Hoge transaction is redistributed amongst users that currently hold HOGE tokens in their wallets. An additional 2% of the transaction is burned, reducing the overall supply of HOGE forever, hence the deflationary term.”

How to buy Hoge Finance?

Follow these steps…

  • Purchase Ethereum on a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase.
  • Transfer the Ethereum to a wallet like Metamask.
  • Exchange the Ethereum for Hoge Finance on Uniswap.

Is Hoge Finance legit?

Worrying about whether Hoge finance is legit or a scam? Worry no more because we’ve got the best answer for you. Hoge Finance is now a legal entity based out of France. Prices rise. Prices fall. But HOGE is here to stay. That is how we see it. Do your own research before getting into it. We believe HOGE is one of those coins which, like Doge, will endure mainly because of community strength.

What is Hoge Finance used for?

HOGE “is a meme token with the power of DeFi (decentralized finance). HOGE combines meme and frictionless yield farming. For every buys and sell there is a token burn and HOGE holders get a share of the transaction as a reward”.


  • 1,000,000,000,000 Max supply
  • All supply added to liquidity
  • No team tokens
  • Fair launch


  • 1% burn every swap
  • 1% distributed to holders every swap
  • Use at least 2.5% slippage when swap

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