The Benefits of Using a Specialist Job Board

Job searching is never going to be a quick and easy task, however, there are ways that you can maximise the effectiveness of your search and find your dream graduate job. A growing trend over the last few years has been the rise of the specialist job board, covering just about every sector!
Specialist job boards can be industry or even skill specific, posting only jobs that are in that industry or require that specific skill, as opposed to generalist job boards such as Monster or Reed which post jobs across all sectors. Although these generalist boards offer a great amount of choice, they can be quite difficult to navigate, especially if you aren’t sure what keywords to use.
Many graduates are now deciding to use skill specific graduate sites such as to enhance their job search and save themselves time; here are the top 5 reasons why you should too:
  1. Get straight to industry specific jobs
This is a huge time saver. By using a specific IT Graduate jobs site, you cut out all the irrelevant jobs and get to relevant jobs in seconds. This can also reduce the likelihood of you skipping over a golden opportunity.
The larger specialist job boards will offer you the chance to upload your CV, adding you to their database which is searched by employers looking to head hunt candidates for ITjobs that may never be advertised. They also offer a Jobs by Email Alert facility that means you can get jobs that match your skills and experience sent directly to your inbox as they are posted – giving you a better chance of spotting your ideal role and getting your application in quickly.
  1. A smaller applicant pool
Employers advertising their jobs on specialist job boards are looking for specialist candidates and have chosen to advertise through this route as they don’t want to have to sort through piles of low quality applications. For you, this means that as part of a smaller pool of applicants, you are likely to get a greater deal of exposure to the employer, heightening your chances to stand out from the rest.
  1. Relevant career advice
Specialist job boards are often very knowledgeable about their industry and are able to offer a wide range of specialist advice, giving you the chance to learn about your industry and potential career paths, as well as specific advice on the application process.
  1. Get to know hiring companies
Due to the ease of searching on a specialist job board, you are often able to get a sense of which companies hire regularly, what kind of people they are looking for and which skills are in high demand. This is key data that can help you all the way through your career.
  1. Mobile searching
Specialist job boards suit mobile search they are easier to navigate and deliver relevant results meaning you see a manageable level of jobs for you to filter through. Many niche sites have a mobile version, or even an mobile app to make searching on the go as easy as possible, meaning you can maximise your time by finding jobs you are interested in whilst out and about and save them to apply to at home.

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