Student Loan Attorney Near Me

Student Loan Attorney Near Me

Student Loan Attorney Near Me — Student loan attorney is legal professionals who specialize in both private and federal student loans. 

Student Loan Attorney Near Me

THE Student Loan Lawyer: Address and contact — 194 Vermont Rte 100 Unit G, West Dover, VT 05356, United States.

Phone number: +1 802-380-8887

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Cynthia Ravosa: Joshua Cohen is by far one of the most knowledgeable persons that I have come across in the area of student loans.

I have been fortunate enough to attend his lectures at National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Conferences where it is clear that his grasp of student loans, the options, and solutions is at an expert level.

Joshua is very responsive and has a great personality that fits well with helping people who are having issues with their student loans. I would highly recommend Joshua.

Student Loan Attorneys, PLLC: Address and contact —  631 Palm Springs Dr STE 114, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, United States. Civil law attorney in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Phone number: +1 407-573-5770

Law Office of Adam S. Minsky: Address and contact —  265 Franklin St #1702, Boston, MA 02110, United States. Phone number: +1 617-936-2788.

Attorney Adam S. Minsky is licensed in Massachusetts and New York and is one of the nation’s leading authorities on student loan law.

Google reviews: (Student loan attorney near me)

James Callahan: “Attorney Adam Minsky helped me with resolving a student loan that i was a cosigner for my daughter. I will admit I was hesitant to work with a lawyer with an online setting but Adam quickly made me feel comfortable and I had all the information in writing directly in front of me. Adam kept me well informed and I felt his fee was very good.

I glad that the matter is behind me now and i want to thank Adam and his other clients for the reviews that i counted on. Proved to be a good choice for me.”

Jill Marion: “Adam Minsky was pleasant, respectful and spoke in terms a layman can easily understand. He kept us well informed during the process. We are very happy with his service and would definitely recommend his expertise.”

Dimitrios Karagiorgas:

Back in the ‘90s, there was a popular show called Home Improvement that featured Tim, the main character, and his neighbor Wilson. In the show, whenever Tim had any issues he needed help with, he would confide in Wilson who always had words of wisdom. However, Wilson didn’t just offer sound advice, he also had a calm and gentle demeaner as well as a spirit of compassion, a willingness to help, and above all was never judgmental. Adam is the real-life Wilson. In what way? Read on.

My wife and I had a major issue with our student loans that we needed help with as soon as possible. I started doing my research for a student loan lawyer, and noticed that Adam’s name kept popping up on major sites such as Forbes, etc. At this point, I knew that Adam would be the right person for us, so we contacted him. We made an appointment and had a one-hour consultation where we asked all our questions. After about a half hour into our meeting, we decided to hire Adam. Why? Because based on his replies, we knew that not only was he an expert in his field and could help us but also he never applied any sales-styled pressure or any other tactics whatsoever.

Once Adam started helping us with our account, everything fell into place, and eventually we were at a point where we needed to be with our student loans. He itemized all his time on his invoices and never, ever nickel-and-dimed us. There were times when he was on the phone for an hour just trying to get through to speak with the student loan people, Yes, that’s how strong Adam’s work ethic is.

If you have any issues with your student loans, give Adam an opportunity to help you because, above all, he’s honest, hardworking, and a nice, down-to-earth person. By the way, did I mention he’s an expert in his field?”

Lindsay Oudit: “A++++ and more! Adam is concise, detailed, and helps you make sense of the details of one’s student loan saga. He really knows how to tailor his vast knowledge of the law to your specific situation and simplify the next steps to take in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Thanks, Adam! I appreciate you!”

Jane Perreault: “We HIGHLY recommend Attorney Adam Minsky to anyone in need of legal advice or assistance regarding any aspects of student loan debt. Adam is extremely knowledgeable, personable, caring, very professional and to the point.

We had a very unique situation and Adam presented all our options in a very timely, clear and precise manner. We immediately retained his services and would not hesitate to do so in the future should the need arise. We feel very grateful to have found him!! Thank you-thank you Adam for who you are and all you do!!! Outstanding!”

Ashley R: “I found an hour consultation about my PSLF loans to be very effective and well worth the small fee. I consider myself pretty educated about my student loans, so I was not sure if this would be helpful, but it really was. There were at least three great points of information Adam made, two of which saved me way more money than the cost of the consultation.

He also knew where to find and interpret information that I never knew existed. I found him to be knowledgeable and good at communicating. He made sure there was time to answer all my questions. I went in with the “I have nothing to lose except a consultation fee” mentality but was pleasantly surprised by how much I gained. I’m really glad I consulted Adam.”

Shaev & Fleischman P.C.: Address and contact — 228 Park Ave S #47620, New York, NY 10003, United States. Phone number: +1 646-722-8649.

Jay Fleischman has been helping people with bill problems for over 20 years. Put his experience and knowledge to work for you.

Google reviews: (Student loan attorney near me)

Gino Maisano: “I truly cannot thank you enough for all of your invaluable help. Coming into contact with a lawyer who genuinely cares about helping people to the degree in which you do is incredibly inspiring. I now have a handle on my finances that I’ve never had before and I feel I can move forward with rebuilding in confidence rather than fear. Thank you so much!”

cristina Gutierrez: “The Shaev and Fleischman team help me through one of the most difficult period in my life. They guided me and assisted me in obtaining financial freedom once again. They work very diligent with me. I recommend Shaev and Fleischman with no hesitation. If you are looking for a family orientated , humble, knowledgeable, and caring staff to assist you to obtain financial freedom or getting back your perfect credit score then The Shaev and Fleischman is where you need to be.

Let me make anyone aware that is reading this post. I was a client and have not received any compensation for my posting. Shaev and Fleischman gave me back my financial freedom and I will always be grateful for that.”

Mayra Ruiz: “It’s been a year since I filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy and it was the best move I made. The word bankruptcy is a scary word but these guys will help you through it and at the end you’ll also see that it was a good move for you as well.

The whole process was pretty simple, very straight forward, hassle free. Trust me it’s better than getting those annoying credit card company phone calls everyday.
I would recommend anyone who’s going through financial problems to think about getting it resolved with Shaev and Fleischman.”

Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC: Address and contact — 818 East 16th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230, United States. Phone number: +1 347-640-4357

Google reviews: (Student loan attorney near me)

Danick Maxan: “Long overdue review here, but had the blessing of being helped by this amazing group of professionals when I found myself being harassed by a student loan collection agency and feeling like I had nowhere to turn.

Simon and his stellar staff reassured me every step of the way and being very transparent as to what I could do during the process while filling me. On what was going on. They are the best in the buisness and thanks to them I am free of a burdensome private student loan and have a very bright future ahead of me. Thank You so much!”

Steven D: “Simon is the best of the best. He is a pleasure to work with. He is very professional, and knowledgeable about all the relevant information, and gave us the best options and strategy. In this way, he was able to get us the desired settlement. He is very responsive in communications. He is also kind and understanding. Overall, I very highly recommend Simon.”

Gabi: “I cannot recommend Simon Goldenberg enough! Simon assisted me with settling out a set of six student loans that added up to a six figure total. The results were shocking to me.

To say he saved me, would be an understatement. He not only saved me, he saved my father as well, who was a co-signer on the exorbitant loans. I wish I could reach out to anyone who was thinking about entering the process of loan settlement and who is unsure or does not trust the process and calm their fears.

Since I cannot do that, I will just say, do not fear! I felt hopeless as well, but I trusted Simon and I made the right choice. Throughout the whole process Simon was communicative, listened to my concerns, provided thorough and knowledgeable responses to any questions I had and really delivered on his promises.

I cannot scream his accolades enough. He gave me a shot at having a more stable financial future and I will forever be thankful to him for that.”

Christie D. Arkovich, P.A: Address and contact — 1520 W Cleveland St, Tampa, FL 33606, United States. Phone number:  +1 813-258-2808.

Google reviews: (Student loan attorney near me)

Elaine Smith: “I’ve had the benefit of Christie Arkovich working on my behalf in the past with great results. When I was faced with a student loan matter, I could not think of anyone else to call. After providing her with necessary documentation, she and her team were relentless in seeing this matter through.

I am thankful to say it’s been resolved with excellent results. I would recommend Christie to anyone. Thank you Christie!”

Jim farland: “Christie and team did an amazing job navigating student loan issues and got everything back on track. They quickly worked to remove flags that were preventing underwriters from approving my home loan.”

Tammala Gockley: “Christie and her team did EXACTLY what they said they would do and that’s hard to find with any attorney!

She helped me get my student loan debt forgiven which has been a burden on me for 25+ years due to my illness.
It was seamless! And well worth the reasonable price she charged. Team is knowledgeable (another thing hard to find with law offices) and very responsive!”

Winton Wilks: “Christie Arkovich is the premier source for all things Student Loans. In a one hour consult I gained 10 years of peace of mind. Our consultation was extremely informative and encouraging and when we hung up the phone I had the confidence and resources to tackle my loans. She has the roadmap, and the keys.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Call Christie, let her walk you through the maze, and move forward, strategically, with your life. Thanks again Christie!”

Carla Turner-Hahn: “Christie Arkovich and her team are the best! Knowledgeable, responsive and they follow-through to provide exactly what they promise. I gained peace of mind when I quickly realized I felt total confidence in their ability to deliver an excellent solution. Well worth the investment and a great value for the return!”

Lester Grace: “My phone conversation with Christie was great. She was very polite and informative
I was very pleased.

Jeremy took over and although we only communicated through email he was very polite and knowledgeable. He took time to answer any questions I had and explained everything in clear simple language.
I would definitely recommend this law firm and should the need arise I will be more than happy to use them again
Thanks for a great job, Lester”.

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