Matt Fisher – In Conversation New Webseries

“Matt Fisher – In Conversation” is a new webseries of comedy talking head monologues to feature on the Grad Guide Blog. ┬áJoz Norris, who plays the character of ‘Matt Fisher’, previews his series:

Of course, most of us are able to put our time at uni to good use and start making our way in the real world, but it struck me that there was a rich seam of comedy in the idea of a man who was rendered utterly terrified and impotent by the act of stepping out of uni into the world. This, combined with my interest in writing for a character obsessed with his own fame, ended up as a sitcom treatment called “Drift,” about three recent graduates struggling to work out what to do with their lives hereafter. However, it struck me that the main character, Matt Fisher, was rendered far funnier and more outrageous when he had nobody to rub up against except himself, and nobody to check his outrageous flights of fancy – and so the idea turned into the series of monologues it is now. Essentially, the premise is that Matt is one of those deluded, self-indulgent, easily-excited and vaguely irritating people who are convinced they will achieve great things in their life, but have absolutely no idea how they will do so.

The story concerns Matt and best friends Amy Sergeant and Greg Salmacis who are (we can glean from the stories he tells) two of very few people in his life to have tolerated him long enough to form a bond with him. After emerging from university, Matt, Amy and Greg wound up living together, at which point Matt’s withdrawal symptoms from uni, along with his hatred of new housemate Ben Melnyk, acting as a replacement for Greg after his tragic death, have led to his decision to “chronicle” his life, alternating between telling stories of his time at uni with Amy and Greg in a desperate attempt to recapture the excitement of years gone by, and simply indulging himself in flights of fancy, angry rants against his perceived view of the world, or entirely imagined fantasies. Through his monologuing, Matt reveals himself to be, by turns, petty, small-minded, prudish and annoying, but hopefully at least partially redeemed by his love for his friends. While we all work hard to achieve the best we can in our lives post-graduation, I hope that we can all also find time to smile at Matt’s desperate attempts to justify his own existence, and to refuse to deal with the problems of real life that increasingly mount up on him. Because we all love to watch an idiot embarrassing himself and making us feel a bit better about our own lives…I hope you all enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed making it. There are currently ten webisodes, with more to follow, so please do watch this space for more as the story develops. Enjoy!

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