In-house Financing Car Dealers And How It Works

What are in-house financing car dealers?

Dealerships who offer the opportunity to obtain a loan without ever leaving the dealership.

In simple terms, is getting funds to purchase a vehicle through in-house finance car dealers instead of getting a loan from the bank. Most car shoppers prefer this option to get a loan from the bank to purchase their dream cars because Dealers often have good relationships with their vendors, meaning you can even have a better chance of being approved.

NB: If you get approved by the in-house financing car lot’s lender, you can make your payments through the dealership.

Reasons why you should choose in-house financing from car dealers:

  1. Pre-approval can be easier because of the dealer’s relationships with lenders.
  2. You can access perks like extended warranties and flexible interest rates.
  3. This is a great way to help build up your credit!

Some of the things to look out for when choosing in-house financing from car dealers:

  1. The dealership allows you to leave before agreeing on payment terms.
  2. The dealership doesn’t report to a credit bureau.
  3. You receive a call saying your finance plan fell through and you must provide more money.
  4. Be careful of “approved” vs. “approval” verbiage — if the manufacturer approves the dealer, you can trust that there are higher standards in terms of quality.

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