Graduate tips for breaking into the IT Sector

Guest blogger Sheira Gorris gives her tips for breaking into the IT sector and talks about the FDM Academy.

However, despite these optimistic statistics, breaking into the IT sector without industry specific experience and robust skills can often be a losing battle for graduates.

Blue-chip employers and investment banks often require their employees to be ‘work-ready’ from day one. The ability to hit the ground running when stepping into an IT role may require the completion of industry recognised qualifications and further training.

The majority of these companies also require a minimum of two years commercial experience and only 7% of firms take on IT graduates direct from University.

Unfortunately this creates a Catch-22 situation for graduates without specialised skills and industry experience, seeking to break into the IT sector.

This is where IT graduate employers such as FDM Group step in.

FDM aims to tackle the IT skills shortage and bridge the gap between University and employment for graduates, providing the essential combination of technical training and direct commercial experience within some of the largest financial, media, retail and insurance companies in the world.

Sheila Flavell, Chief Operating Officer at FDM said, “Here at FDM we understand the difficulties graduates face today and nowhere is this more apparent than in the IT industry. Our aim is to help graduates seeking to enter the sector to break out of the vicious circle of university qualifications without industry centred experience.”

As the UK’s largest IT graduate employer, FDM also takes on graduates from a range of disciplines and regularly accepts candidates from Finance, Engineering, Mathematics, Science and even Business, Economics and Law backgrounds.

FDM supports graduates in kick-starting their IT careers and aims to place graduates within one or more of the 200 blue chip companies it is proud to call clients, for a minimum of two years. Graduates will not only receive a competitive salary throughout this period but will also gain the industry specific skills and experience needed to succeed in the industry.

FDM graduate trainee Mr Choruma  said, “My first thought when joining FDM was: why didn’t I apply earlier? You receive free training, valuable certifications and two years of commercial experience. I have so many more skills now and can actually call myself an IT professional.”

FDM would advise graduates seeking to break into the industry to really demonstrate their enthusiasm for the sector by constantly practising and developing their skills.  A passion for the industry is a prerequisite for creating a career within IT and the journey into the field should not be taken lightly.

FDM’s Recruitment Operations Manager, Catherine Cheek said, “As the IT sector is so incredibly vast, one of the most important things for graduates to do, is to figure out where they want to go and how they’re going to get there. It is only through hard work driven by passion and clear direction that graduates will make it in this industry.”

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