Get Yourself Ready For The Future Jobs Boom!

Yes, you read correctly, there is to be a jobs booms in the not too distant future. Not in Hollywood stupid, but in real life. I know this because the serious folk over at commissioned a report which explores the future growth of the UK jobs market, and how this generations crop of graduates are set to fare within it.
The Findings: Good News
In a bizarre twist of fate, it seems as though the gods have heralded the cries of many a hopeless student bewailing a future without a job, and therefore an income, and thus eternally doomed to a bleak future bringing back potential life partners to their parents homes ( a small degree of projection here, but I digress). The point is, the findings of this study point to future where there will be a 22% increase in job vacancies: which means jobs positive popping out of our ears.
More Findings: Not so good
In as much as the jobs market is due to expand, there is a snag. Mainly, that employers are not confident that graduates are equipped enough to enter the jobs market as successful candidates. That’s right, simply going to university isn’t a guaranteed ticket to getting a job *shock and horror*. In as much as we have in recent times heard much about a jobs market over saturated with graduates, the new challenge for employers is to fish from a saturated pool of candidates without enough technical skills within IT, manufacturing, research and development: in the study, over a third of employers stated that these areas were the most in need of skilled graduates. Almost two-thirds of the employers surveyed reported that they were struggling to satisfactorily fill existing vacancies.
Well that’s just great, isn’t it.
Well, admittedly it sucks. In Labour’s to create more opportunities for more people, record numbers entered education – and whilst the value of education itself should never be underestimated- the value of a degree on its own has been questioned. With more graduates flooding the market, there is an increase in competition, so candidates need to do more. The need to stand out is given extra impetus when we consider what else the employers who were spoken to as part of the study had to say: 27% felt as though apprenticeship schemes were key to reducing the skills deficit; whilst 18% wanted to see degrees that had a more vocational focus.
What this means for you
You don’t need to despair entirely, as other studies have shown that graduates are still in the running for jobs- as over a quarter of job vacancies at present are actually graduate vacancy posts, specifically targeted at people who have degree.
Graduates are still worthy candidates, but it’s a question of striking a balance between qualification and applicable skills in the work place. Apprentices are trained to learn those applicable skills, so there will be more competition of a new kind to contend with.
The IT CROWD is where it’s at
The main concern of employers is that too many students are entering the work place without adequate computer skills. You should take your cue from Maurice and strengthen your up on your IT knowledge-
More Strings to Your Bow
With employers also concerned that too many entry level candidates have insufficient skills for the world of work, you’d do best to get ahead of the game and get as much experience as you can- gaining experience in the workplace helps to acquaint you with professionalism, communication skills, general and specific skills for to get you work ready.
If you can be proactive and meet employers half way, you’ll get there!

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