Drowning in a Sea of Technology

While beach bums are certainly lamenting the end of summer and the nicer weather, techies know there’s plenty to look forward to this autumn and winter. With new iPhones, Playstation, and Xbox models all on their way, it’s time to start considering which gadgets are truly the best buys. Read on for more information about upcoming tech releases—and how you can start raising the funds to purchase them.
The Scoop on The Next Generation of New Releases
So with so many new gadgets in the queue to be released, how can you tell which ones will live up to the hype—and which ones are poised to disappoint?  If you think the iPhone has fallen a little behind the competition over the past year, you might be pleasantly surprised by the new iOS 7 update and next generation of iPhone handsets. The new iOS 7 will reportedly be a major overhaul from its predecessor, including a flatter, more modern design and upgraded features for multi-tasking. Critics are saying that if you’re looking for an iPhone that performs more like an Android device, you’ll probably like the next generation of handsets, especially since Apple plans to release a more budget-friendly device that runs on iOS 7, the iPhone 5C, next month. If you’re perfectly content with the way your iPhone performs now, you may want to skip the upgrade.

As for the consoles, both the Xbox One and the PS4 are expected to run on x86 octa-core CPUs and AMD’s Graphics Core Next. Because their specs are so similar, what is probably more useful for gamers is to consider which games are set to launch with each new console this fall. The Xbox One’s launch games include Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Kinect Sports Rivals, while the PS4’s launch games will include Killzone Shadow Fall, Diablo 3, and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag from Ubisoft, among others. Since there’s still no cross-platform multiplayer, you may also want to confer with your mates to determine which console you’ll all buy this autumn.
Earning Extra Cash Prior to the Big Release
If you’ve got your eye on one of this season’s most anticipated releases, you probably know that each will come with a high price tag. Rumours are that when the new iPhone 6 is released next year, it will retail between £230 and £330, while the PS4 is expected to retail for £349 and the Xbox One for a whopping £429. Wondering how you can raise the funds to ensure that you have the latest gadgets as soon as they’re released? Old mobiles and consoles can be sold on websites like eBay, Preloved, Craigslist, and musicMagpie. You can also make some extra cash by doing a Playstation or Xbox game trade in on musicMagpie. Put the money you earn directly into your savings account so that you’ll have it on the big day!

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