Don’t Be a Tourist, Be a Citizen of the World

The best time to travel is while young and not yet burdened by mortgages and families to support. However, being a college student also means that there is often not enough money to travel the way most tourists do. So, how can you travel the world and broaden your horizons without going into debt or without spending all of your tuition funds? It is possible to travel the world during school breaks without spending too much money.

During school semesters you can always work a part-time job to earn money for airfare and train tickets. It can be difficult to balance work and studies with any sort of leisure time, but remind yourself that while your beefing up your work resume, your also making money for experiences that will last a lifetime. And the friends and contacts you make on your travels could be invaluable in building your career.
Using a credit card while traveling is a smart way to make sure you have funds when you need them. It also keeps you from having to carry only cash with you. It can also be useful because it automatically exchanges currencies while your on the go. When paying off the credit card bill, don’t forget that you can use your travel experiences to make some money when you get back – selling articles and photographs from your travels. Check with travel magazines, travel sections of newspapers, and airline journals as well as online travel sites.
Not wanting to work while you’re traveling? Couchsurfing is a great way to look for a place to stay while in another city or country. The site is free and a great way to meet people who live where you are visiting. There are hosts in over 100,000 cities. While staying with your host you’ll get the inside scoop on the best places to shop, the newest clubs, and the places where the locals like to hang out. This is one of the best ways to learn about a place – by staying away from the hotel districts and staying where the residents live. Be sure to contact your host before you show up at their door!

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