Doing Something Different With Your Gap Year: Teach Abroad

Whether you’re a college, school or university student, there’s probably quite a high chance that you’re already casting your minds towards the final few months of the academic year – coursework deadlines are looming just around the corner and tutors have now started to use that dreaded ‘e’ word – yes that’s right; exams.

But, although it feels like it’ll take forever for that dreaded exam period to pass, you know that in a couple of months time, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer. But, for some of you, the excitement of the arrival of the summer may be much bigger. Why? Because if you’re just about to finish sixth form or college, it may signify the start of your gap year – that all important break before you embark on the even bigger adventure of university.

You’ve been having a think about what you’d like to do – you know you want to travel and see the world as much as possible, but you’ve been recently thinking about doing something a little out of the ordinary – but the only problem is, you’re not entirely sure what.

Well, how about teaching English abroad?

Seem a little far-fetched? Well, here are 3 reasons to why teaching English abroad could help to make your gap year utterly amazing:

1. See Places of The World You’d Never Experience Otherwise

The main reason so many students choose to take a gap year is the chance to see the world and to travel amazing countries as possible. Well, teaching English abroad fulfills all of this, and more.

Often with a gap year, you’re likely to visit the most popular places along the tourist trail, by taking in recommendations from people who have already been there, or fulfilling places you’ve always wanted to visit, or maybe even, have a desire to visit a particular place of the world you’ve seen in your favorite film.

But, quite often, just following this normal tourist route may result in you missing some of the world’s most spectacular places. And, this is one of the biggest benefits of teaching abroad during your gap year – it allows you to explore the world ‘off the beaten track’.

By teaching in local schools and communities, you’ll get the chance to visit rural locations which you may never had the chance to see otherwise – all of which will provide you with amazing experiences and memories.

2. Allows You To Experience a Culture First-Hand

Teaching abroad has becoming increasingly popular in recent years largely because it’s the perfect way to experience a culture first-hand.

Enrolling in a teaching abroad scheme will allow you to live and work in the midst of a local community, with real local people – which is guaranteed to teach you far more about a culture than just travelling alone would do. You’ll learn everything about the local lifestyle, from the food they eat to the games they play, and you’ll even learn their language in return!

You’re guaranteed to feel a real sense of achievement as you give something back to a community who greatly benefit form your help and education – teaching abroad is quite simply one of the most rewarding things that you could do in your time off between school and university.

3. Widens Your All-Around Experience

Whether you embark on a gap year on your own or with a group of friends, travelling is often a time where many individuals learn new things both about the world as a whole, but about themselves personally and individually, too.

You’re bound to experience a plethora of new and exciting things whilst on your worldwide adventure, and it’s likely that many of these will teach you new skills not only for the duration for your travels, but also for the rest of your life, too.

Teaching abroad in a different culture is likely to teach you new skills of human interaction, engagement with different cultures, leadership skills and responsibility – and it’s these experiences that you’ll be able to take on with you long after you’ve returned home.

If you loved your time teaching abroad, this experience will put you in good stead for if you decide to take it on further. You’ll have already gained the perfect classroom experience, so the next step would be to gain the right qualifications through the form of a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE). Once you’ve qualified, specialist recruiters such as Randstad education jobs, can help you find your perfect job.

However, even if you decide not to continue with teaching when you’ve returned home or after you’ve finished university, future employers are continually searching for the types of skills previously mentioned when searching for prospective employees – so make sure you use these skills along with your experiences to your full advantage in later life.

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