Did Prophet TB Joshua Really Prophecy About His Own Death? – Here Are The Facts

The death of popular Nigerian man of God who is believed to be the most powerful prophet in the 21st century has come as a shock to the world especially the SCOANS.

SCOANS means Synagogue Church Of All Nations.

Prophet TB Joshua was born as Temitope Balogun Joshua in Nigeria on June 12, 1963.

Death Rumours

In the early hours of June 6, 2021 news came flying in about the Man of God’s death via mainstream and social media platforms.

Initially it was just rumors with some debunking the claims especially family members while others also confirmed that it was true before later the same family members or close relatives made the truth known.

Cause Of TB Joshua’s Death

The cause of his death was also hidden but per report gathered, he died of a sudden stroke when he was been flown to Turkey by air ambulance for medical check up. Meaning he did not actually died in Nigeria but in Turkey.


The Question Been Asked By Many Others Is Whether He Prophesied About His Own Death

As we all know June 12 is supposed to be his 58th birthday or earth day.

In a video shared by Emmanuel TV (the private television station for SCOAN) the man of God was seen saying that many people have asked to come to his house to celebrate his birthday but due to the coronavirus pandemic, he can not allow them to come rather what they can do is to pray against fatalities especially the coronavirus so that the next birthday they can celebrate together.

Also in other videos, he was seen asking his church members to pray because no one knows his or her end time. He often kept talking about ‘Watch and Pray’ as if he knew he was going to die soon because as we knew him, he was someone who also believed in positivity and not death.

A man of God who casted out demons, raised the dead, healed the sick and so much more.

His Last Words On Social Media

Before dying, his last words on his sick bed while been air ambulanced was “Watch and pray. One life for Christ is all we have; one life for Christ is so dear.”

His Last Program Before He Died

“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7”

The sermon was his last he had when he hosted the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting:

 “Time for everything – time to come here for prayer and time to return home after the service.”

The same words and quotes was shared after his death on his verified Facebook page.

The Facebook page added by announcing his death to the Facebook followers of SCOAN and TB Joshua:

“God has taken His servant Prophet TB Joshua home – as it should be by divine will. His last moments on earth were spent in the service of God. This is what he was born for, lived for and died for.

As Prophet TB Joshua says, “The greatest way to use life is to spend it on something that will outlive it”.


Dedication To The Work Of God

The prophet dedicated all his life to do the work of God as he preached all over the world, from one country to the other including the US, Nigeria, Canada, Ghana, UK, etc and performed many wonders and miracles by healing those on the sick bed, HIV patients, stroke, casting of demons.

He is fondly remembered for his act of taking care of the poor, widows and orphans who ran to him for help and assistance.

Infact he lives behind a legacy of dedication, service and sacrifice to God’s word and Kingdom.

His legacy will live long in the memory of all Christians.

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations Appeal To The Public

The SCOAN (Synagogue Church Of All Nations) and Emmanuel TV thanked sympathizers for their prayers, love and concern shown to them.

Also they used the opportunity via all their social media and streaming platforms to ask sympathizers to allow the family of the deceased prophet to have some privacy while thinking of the next steps which is when and where to bury him.

How Social Media Reacted To The Death Rumours

Social media users were and still have been put to shock. It isn’t easy for all SCOAN and TB Joshua lovers to accept the news of the man of God’s death at this time where we are struggling to wash away coronavirus from the world.

Not everyone refused to accept the truth as many people accepted the fact that everyone on earth will eventually die one day and used the opportunity to send in their condolences to the family of the bereaved.

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