Community Loan Center Of Dallas

Community Loan Center Of Dallas

Community Loan Center Of Dallas — According to ProsperityNow, the Community Loan Center of Dallas partners with employers to offer a just-in-time financial loan as an employee benefit that comes at no cost to employers.

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Community Loan Center Of Dallas Address and Contact


Phone Number: 214.688.7456 x106

Email Address: [email protected]

Key Features of community loan center of Dallas

Type: Non-Profit

Service Offered:

Financial Counseling & Coaching ServicesFinancial Education Classes & SeminarsShort-Term Loans & Accrued Wage Advances

Geography Served: Select cities or counties

Geography Detail: Dallas County

Pricing Options: Free

Size of Employer Served: Large, 1000+ Employees

Relevant questions and answers about community loans center of Dallas

What is a community loan?

Community financing is an alternative way to purchase land and buildings without the use of banking institutions. It’s a financing system based on community participation, trust, and accountability. No banks have been involved!

Is Community Loan Servicing and Bayview the same company?

Community Loan Servicing is a subsidiary of Bayview Asset Management, a wealth management firm that provides a variety of financial and lending services.

What does Bayview Loan Servicing do?

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC is a mortgage lender and debt collection agency located in Coral Gables, Florida. It services loans in all U.S. states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Contacting third parties about a debt.

What is a community development loan?

Community Development Loan Funds: Community development loan funds (CDLFs) provide financing and development services to businesses, organizations, and individuals in low-income communities. They can be either for-profit or nonprofit and include community representation.

What is a community lending program?

For this Plan, “Community Lending” is defined as providing financing for economic development projects for targeted beneficiaries. The CICA regulation also requires that each Federal Home Loan Bank develop and adopt a Community Lending Plan on an annual basis.

Did Bayview Loan Servicing become community servicing?

Name Change and Organizational Restructuring: Community Loan Servicing, LLC (CLS) was previously known as Bayview Loan Servicing. The servicer completed its corporate name change in September 2020.

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