5 Things That Could Land Your CV in the Trash

With the graduate job market at its most competitive, writing a CV can be a daunting task. It is the golden ticket to securing a job interview and people will constantly bombard you with all sorts of tips on how to write ‘that stand out CV’. Here are some tips on what NOT to do to ensure employability success:

Lame introductions

“I am a driven, enthusiastic graduate with a passion to blah blah blah” WRONG. Employers do not want to see the clichés that they see on CV’s all the time. They want to read a CV that stands out of the crowd and will grab their attention from the start. Ensure to tailor your CV to include your most employable assets that are suited to the job role, so it will show you are the most suited candidate to the job.


As soon as an employer sees any sort of grammatical mishap or spelling mistake – straight to the bin. What employer is going to want an employee who cannot construct sentences properly? Lack of grammatical precision will show you have had a lack of thought and you will not be taken seriously.

Providing irrelevant info/achievements

Yes employers want to see what achievements you have, but keep them relevant. No employer will be interested if you were milk monitor in primary school or a school prefect – you will not be taken seriously. Keep to information that is appropriate and will boost chances of your CV standing out – for the right reasons that is.


CV’s are more than likely to be viewed online as well as being printed, so presentation is vital. No outrageous fonts or colours, no longer than 2 pages and no photos unless asked. Keep it professional and concise. Your CV must be clear and easy to read for the employer and you will want to give the right impression.

Do not lie

Employers will sometimes tolerate exaggeration to an extent on your CV, but definitely not when it comes to lying. You WILL get found out. There is nothing more humiliating than being shown up in a job interview from lying about something on your CV. It’s embarrassing for you and leaves a very bad impression of yourself on the employer. It is not worth the risk.

This article was written by Yasmin Codron on behalf of Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB)

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